Kieran's Bio

From an early age I always had an interest in music, and even though my parents were never big into music themselves they never held me back in anything I wanted to do. Growing up I tried my hand at the Guitar and then the Keyboard, both of which never came to anything. When I was 13 I decided I’d like to play the drums and thankfully, for my parents, I loved them and I have never looked back. 
So I’ve been drumming for almost 15 years and have been lucky enough to gig in many great places over the years with different bands. I have also gotten the opportunity to play as part of an orchestra which was an amazing experience. I feel very lucky to be part of The Heebie Jeebies Band as I get to work with my friends, doing something I love, every week.

My Influencs

What I'm Listening To...

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